The Benefits of Organic Aqua Fish Care

So we are all aware of the current polluted state of our water resources as well as the harmful chemicals that are applied to the tap water during the water purification processes. Although it is a very beneficial procedure to clean & preserve water, it unfortunately removes vital macro & micro minerals from the water that are beneficial to fish and aquatic life for a healthy immune system.


Fish Care is a combination of various beneficial micro & macro minerals, combined with water soluble plant oils, that results in a healthy mineral rich aquatic ecosystem that allows for optimum health of the the fish & aquatic species. Is it salt? No! So if you love adding salt to your Koi Pond or aquarium, please continue doing so… 

Some avid fish lovers call it “magic powder” as one can actually visually observe the fish health, colouration and vibrancy increase after applying Fish Care. As you know already, most fish disease are caused by either:

  • Stress
  • Bad water quality
  • Contagion
  • Genetics

There is little we can do about disease caused by genetics but to offer optimum water quality and a stress free environment. This is important for all aquatic species and to prevent the outbreak and spreading of disease.

Fish Care does not contain any copper and therefore it is safe to use in sensitive and marine systems.  Apply Fish Care to:

  • Prevent Disease
  • Treat Disease (also white spot, flukes and cysts)


The best option to treating disease, is prevention! Make sure your water pets have optimum water quality, reduce stress in the aquatic environment and regularly boost their immunity. This can be easily achieved by adding Fish Care and topping up with it again with water changes or top ups.

Remember: Fish Care does not filter out, therefore you need to only treat the replaced water with top-ups. 


But what if your fish are sick or already infected with parasites? 

For aquariums: make sure to add a standard dosage of Organic Aqua Filter Activator and double dose with Fish Care & Oxy Aquatic. You can then gradually increase the water temperature 30-32 °C (for tropical fish) and up to 20-23 °C for cold water fish. Maintain this for up to 10-14 days.  

Make sure there is no carbon or charcoal in your filter as this can reduce the effectiveness of the Organic Aqua products.

For pondsAdd a single dosage of Organic Aqua Filter Activator and double dose with Fish Care & Oxy Aqua. (once again remove the carbon, charcoal and if possible switch off the UV light). 


  • Perform any water changes during this period.
  • Over feed (sick fish tend to eat less).
  • Over stock the aquarium or pond (or stock with new fish or plants during treatment period).
  • Avoid inserting objects, rapid movement or tapping on the glass. 
  • Also remember to perform a pH test and make sure that it is maintained according to preference. 


Water quality is everything! Make sure to create and maintain a naturally balanced aquatic ecology for your fish to thrive in. Focus on the 3 different components that allows happy fish keeping:

  1. Water (remove chlorine, contaminants and heavy metals, reduce continuous water changes – less is more, ensure sufficient aeration or increase the dissolved oxygen levels regularly test the pH levels)
  2. Filtration (increase biological filtration with beneficial live bacteria, use the right filter medium)
  3. Fish (boost the fish immune system – like us taking vitamins and minerals, they need it too! Don’t over feed)

These Organic Aqua products improves water quality

  1. For Ponds: Pond Filter Activator combined with Pond Water Care & Pond Fish Care.
  2. For Aquariums: Water Quality Kit for a convenience 3in1 product approach or combine Filter Activator with Water Care & Fish Care.
  3. For Marine Aquariums: Marine Filter Activator, Marine Water Care and Marine Fish & Coral Care.


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