Organic Aqua Parasite Treatment

Organic Aqua recommended products to use:


  1. If you do not regularly use Organic Aqua products, add a First Time Application kit according to your tank specifications or a Filter Activator in your pond/marine aquarium
  2. Stop all water changes
  3. Do not use any other products or medicines
  4. Replace any carbon or charcoal-based filters media with plain media

Initial Application:

Add a double dosage of Fish Care & Oxy Aqua(tic) directly into the water

Follow Up Application:

Once a week apply a standard dosage of the Oxy Aqua(tic) together with a standard dosage of the Fish Care until the Whitespot (Ich) cleared

Temperature Adjustments:

  • Cold Water Fish: increase the temperature in Cold Water Fish up to 20-24°C
  • Tropical fish: increase the temperature up to 30°C


Importance of the Correct Temperature Adjustment:

We recommend increasing the temperature slowly together with double dosing of the Fish Care and Oxy Drops. Increasing the temperatures without adding the Organic Aqua treatments can hold health risks and even result in the death of the infected fish.

There are different strains of white spot, all of them begin to lose the ability to reproduce at higher temperatures but:

  • With higher water temperatures the dissolved oxygen levels could be radically reduced causing more stress and even death to the infected fish
  • Low oxygen levels can also disturb the balance of healthy beneficial bacteria in the filtration system
  • The parasite in the gill lamellae can cause restriction on the fish’s respiratory system and gill function and when the water temperature increases, it could place even more stress on the respiratory system, which can lead to death
  • Temperature changes might also speed up the white spot life cycle and the parasite could multiply quicker without treatment in the water
  • Elevated temperatures can also kill plants which could release toxic gases in the water. This will increase the stress of the infected fish and could lead to death

The Treatment Period and the Results are Subjected to:

  1. The specific life stage of the parasite
  2. Stress caused in the aquarium by activities such as regular water changes or rapid temperature changes and movement (fishnets, siphoning, etc.)  

Benefits of Using Organic Aqua to Treat Parasites Like Ich:

  1. It is good to treat all your aquariums with Fish Care and top up regularly with water changes to prevent the fish from getting Ich. Fish Care will boost the fish immune systems resulting in a healthier mucus layer causing the fish to be less susceptible to parasites like Ich (Whitespot) disease
  2. Fish Care does not filter out and will kill off these parasites once they are in the “free-swimming” stage
  3. It will also assist with the healing of the open wounds (cysts) caused by the parasite
  4. Oxy Aqua(tic) reduces stress on the fish and ensures sufficient levels of Dissolved Oxygen (vital for quick recovery) while undergoing treatment

Please note that “prevention is better than cure” and if your system is regularly treated with the Organic Aqua products the immune systems of your fish will increase and it will be easier for them to survive conditions such as parasite infections.

Preventing Parasites Like Ich:

Parasitic infections are easily preventable. Some basic measures to maintain a healthy, parasite-free system, include:

  1. Regular application of the Organic Aqua products especially Fish Care
  2. Maintain optimal pH levels and temperatures for the species that inhabit the aquariums
  3. Reduce the stress in the aquarium by performing water changes only once a month when using Organic Aqua products
  4. Purchase healthy fish and plants from trusted stores
  5. Ensure that the filtration system contains no charcoal or carbon for healthy microbes to grow which is beneficial for a healthy aquarium

Life Stages of the Ich Parasite:

The parasite that causes Ich / white spot disease has a unique biological cycle.

  1. In its free phase, it reproduces.
  2. In its infecting phase, it feeds off of the tissues of affected fish.
  3. In the infecting phase, the parasite crosses the outer layers of the fish’s skin

t has no preference for any particular tissue. It can invade the skin, gills, eyes, or fins. Once attached to the fish’s body, the parasites produce micro-circulatory lesions that cannot be seen with the naked eye. This put the protozoa in contact with the fish’s immune system. When the immune system reacts to stop the infection, it attempts to isolate the parasites by encasing them with a layer of epithelial cells. This reaction is known as epithelial hyperplasia and it causes white spots.

Once the parasite is big enough, it parts from the fish and descends to the bottom of the tank. Then it multiplies, producing new parasites.

The duration of the biological cycle varies with the temperature of the water:

• At 25 + degrees: 3 to 6 days.

• At 15 – 25 degrees: 10 days.

• At 10 – 15 degrees: 25 to 30 days.


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Organic Aqua Parasite Treatment

Organic Aqua recommended products to use: FISH CARE OXY AQUA(tic) APPLICATION PROCEDURE: If you do not regularly use Organic Aqua products, add a First Time Application