Zooming in on the Organic Aqua Filter Activator for Ponds & Aquariums.

As you know, essentially tap water is “dead” and contains little or no micro life. The importance of using a bacteria in a new pond or aquarium has become so relevant to modern day fish keeping. 

The benefits goes beyond measure as fish don’t only eat with their mouths but also consume microscopic food through their gills. Some microbiologists have found that bacteria can even live in the gills of fish and convert harmful ammonia into harmless nitrogen gas..  Read more here

Ammonia can be fatal for fish and that is why it is of utmost importance to maintain healthy ammonia levels. For this reason and for the health of the fish, it is important to opt for a naturally cultivated bacteria that does not contain those instant yeast solutions or other gimmicky ingredients. 

We know that “balance” is key when it comes to optimum fish health and what better way to achieve this than to start with a healthy balanced bacteria activation made from natural ingredients that are environmentally friendly and healthy for the aquatic ecosystem.

Why is it called Filter Activator?

During our 10 years research stage we used to call it BBAC (Balanced Bacteria Activation Conditioner) however when we started exporting to the UK in 2016 they required a more explanatory name and not an abbreviation.

As balanced bacteria is recommended to kick start the filter and prevent new water syndrome we decided to call it “Filter Activator” in the hope that the name is more self-explanatory.  

What makes it so unique?

Well to start off with, it contains NO INSTANT INGREDIENTS such as yeast, sugar, molasses, or other ingredients commonly used in creating instant “bacteria”. Instead, Filter Activator is the cultivation of 6 – 8 weeks amongst carefully selected plant materials with water-soluble oils.

It is not mere bacterial “spores” as you find in so many instant bacteria products, instead this is a cultivation of living organisms that lives off the plant materials inside the bottle – it is the food they survive on. The benefit of this? It is immediately active once added to the water. 

Bacterial spores are very sensitive to aeration, UV lights, temperature, and in some cases can even die due to the lack of adequate food in the water (especially in a new aquarium or pond set up with clean tap water).

Filter Activator is immediately active and therefore allows one to stock a brand new aquarium or pond immediately (combined with Organic Aqua Water Care to remove the chlorine of course).

Did you Know?

  • When you combine Filter Activator with the Organic Aqua Water Care product you can stock a brand new aquarium setup immediately without having to wait for the cycling period to complete?
  • Filter Activator contains water-soluble oils that condition the fish.
  • You should not change water weekly, in fact, reduce it to monthly water changes when using Filter Activator combined with Organic Aqua Water Care. (only top up evaporated water throughout the month and apply Water Care weekly).
  • Do not change the water after you added Filter Activator as you could potentially remove the healthy living organisms.
  • Dechlorinate with Organic Aqua Water Care before adding the Filter Activator into the water as chlorine can kill off the microorganisms. 
  • It kick-starts the biological filtration process as it is instantly free swimming and attaches itself to the filter media, ornaments, plants, and silicone. 
  • It removes access to waste and food from the water, thus reducing the sludge and preventing a build-up – also keeping your filter healthy and cleaner for much longer.
  • Filter Activator is not an instant blend of microbial spores but instead, a cultivated bacteria, cultivated in 6 – 8 weeks amongst carefully selected plant materials and water-soluble oils. 


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