At Organic Aqua we are passionate about water, aquatic life and the environment. Our products are designed with an innovative “green technology” that includes carefully selected green plant materials, extracts, beneficial water soluble herbal oils, aquifer spring water & essential macro minerals.

The amazing results with our environmentally friendly products are backed with thousands of successful case studies done over a period of 14 years.Our intensive R&D program stretched from 2003 – 2013. The case studies include projects with the University of Stellenbosch Aquaculture and the National Aquarium in Ireland. The safety of our products is endorsed by Laboratory Reports & microbiological analysis from reputable Institutions in South Africa, including Biotox (managed by the SANAS standards) Bemlab & SGS.

Our products contain 100% natural ingredients that is safe for aquatic life and the environment. We strive for biodegradable packaging options wherever possible and are continuously improving our packaging to stay on par with the recyclable and biodegradable options. Our manufacturing procedures maintain a low Carbon Footprint.

The ornamental fish keeping products are currently available in pet stores, selected vet stores and nurseries throughout South Africa, Namibia, Great Britain & Ireland. We have also launched our aquaculture products and have recently expanded to Pakistan.

MasterGrow is a division of Organic Aqua and manufactures organic liquid fertilisers, root health treatments, magnesium & natural phosphate boosts for healthy lawn and plant growth… Soon to launch in a nursery or Agri store close to you!

Organic Aqua is the sister company of Makro Organics who are implementing innovative organic water & soil treatment solutions to the following industries: Viticulture; Feedlots; Agriculture; Sports & Recreation; Sewage & Effluent and the Mining industry. 

Our products are manufactured, packaged and distributed under the consent of the IP holders’ Global patent rights. They are also the founders and R&D team of Organic Aqua. Dave & Amanda Gaybba started in the pet fish keeping industry during the late 1970’s and have developed a sincere love for water, aquatic life and the environment. This duo has won the Global Product Development Prize by Rép for their R&D and unique product developments in 2010.


Our Focus:
As a company we strive to conduct business with good ethics and integrity. We sell products that work and preserve our precious water resources while having a positive impact on the environment. Balance is key and our products offer just that while ensuring the aquatic environment is disease & stress free with adequate Dissolved Oxygen levels & beneficial microbes for fish and aquatic life to thrive in. “Prevention is better than cure” is our motto with an added dosage & application bonus, “easy does it”.

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