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100% natural, plant-based products with micro & macro minerals to create an instant balanced aquatic ecology, for safe fish keeping.  Treat your pond, marine, or freshwater aquarium with Organic Aqua to maintain a naturally balanced ecology!

Best Environmental Friendly Fish Keeping Products

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Manufactured in South Africa

Every ingredient used in our products are cultivated in South African soil.

100% Natural Ingredients

Lab Tests proved that our ingredients are safe for fish, aquatic life & the environment


Customers Rated Our Products
Organic Aqua is definetly the best I've discovered for my aquarium imo. I started a new 450L tank with 120L sump setup to move my cichlids over to a bigger house. Since I filled it and added the Organic Aqua starter kit, my readings showed no nitrates or nitrites. I added my fish a couple of days afterwards, where I normally could only do this at week 3. My water is crystal clear, plants perfect and fish healthy and happy. I recommend it for any aquarium. It's local, it's affordable and extremely efficient!
Raving review for Organic Aqua, I bought an Algae Kit and needed help administering it, I reached out via the WhatsApp chat on Facebook and was immediately responded to (on a Sunday, which I was not expecting), I was given support way over and above just the algae. Would highly recommend them and will definitely buy again. Thank you Lemanja for everything.
I have been using Organic Aqua's Fish Care and Water Care for nearly three years now, and can honestly say these products are a part of my success in breeding and rearing fish at Knysna Aquatics. Great results and a great price too.

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