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Immune Booster Combo Packs

The following 3 products are recommended to boost your fish health – highly recommended upon the change of every season.

  1. Fish Care – macro & micro minerals with water soluble oils for a healthy slime (protection) layer & to increase their immune systems. Also great protection against parasites & disease.
  2. Oxy Aqua(tic) – increases the dissolved oxygen levels, reduces stress & boosts fish health. This blend of beneficial plant extracts & enzymes will ensure that your fish stays healthy internally & externally. improves nutrient absorption in the digestive system.
  3. Filter Activator – Make sure that you have sufficient micro-life in your water before winter starts, as this is not only healthy for your water quality but the microscopic bacteria also serves as a high protein food source that will enhance the health of your fish. Microbial proteins are healthy source of vitamins, carotenes and carbohydrates – a nutrient boost without negatively impacting your water quality!

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pH Level & Algae Treatment

I often get complaints from clients with green, “pea soup” water in their ponds and even when they apply various algae treatments, the water might

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