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Start-Up Water Quality Kit

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Everything you need for a healthy aquatic ecosystem, water quality and fish
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Product Details

Each water quality kit contains 3 products

Water care:

  • dechlorinator to safely remove chlorine & heavy metals
  • protects fish against the harmful effect of the nitro- gen cycle
  • reduces the need for frequent water changes
  • increases water quality & nitrification
  • prevents ammonia, nitrite & nitrate

Filter Activator:

  • live balanced bacteria (microbes) that instantly creates an aquatic and microscopic balance
  • already cultivated & immediately active for instant, long lasting, results
  • increases water quality & clarity · reduces “running in” period
  • prevents waste or sludge and anaerobic conditions

Fish Care:

  • a blend of beneficial macro minerals & water soluble plant oils
  • increase immunity · ensure a healthy slime coat
  • heal open wounds or cysts · brighten natural skin colours
  • prevention parasitic and fungal diseases
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